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Colton Haynes ComiCon Memories.


Scanners - David Cronenberg - 1981 

My uncle brought this movie over to watch when I was a little kid. I had insane nightmares that night.

"I, again, as Malcolm Merlyn (…) I see Oliver such as much as a son as I did with Tommy (…) Oliver is the son that I always wanted Tommy to be (…) When I found out he was the Arrow…I, completely didn’t want to kill him (Oliver)…Could…You know (…) So that’s why maybe I fake my death so I do not have to kill him…"

Interview with Arrow’s John Barrowman at SDCC 2014 


Tyler Hoechlin and Dylan O’brien at San Diego Comic Con 2014

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Punk Diva by BlueRain


Sterek AU - Happiness 

you’ve been on my mind

i grow fonder every day

lose myself in time

just thinking of your face


Pairing: Derek/Stiles  Featured: Scott Mcall, Lydia Martin
Rating: NC17 
Warning: slash, Sterek, AU, domestic, violence, spirits, curse, possession
Disclaimer: I don’t own Derek or Stiles much to my regret.
Summary: AU Stiles and Derek moved to the country to try and mend the rift between them and rediscover the love that had bound them. The beautiful farmhouse they bought together seemed like a haven from the world where they could heal., Unknown to them, the home harbored a dark curse that soon started to tear away at the fabric of Stiles and Derek’s relationship. Would their love be strong enough to break a hundred year old curse and free the spirits of the tormented souls who originally owned the home?

In this story Derek is 28 and Stiles is 24.

All Stiles could think about was escaping at that moment. He turned and ran out the front door, down the steps and to his jeep. He retrieved his keys from his pocket and took off quickly down the lane. Stiles remembered the realtor pointing out a small lake that the locals fished out of a few miles away. He sped to the farm road that led to the small body of water. Stiles parked in front of the shimmering lake and tried to steady his ragged breathing. Reaction to the quarrel with Derek was setting in. His hands were shaking and tears leaked from his eyes making wet trails down his pale cheeks. Stiles reached into the glove box and got out a packet of wet wipes. He began to clean the blood off of his face. By the time he finished removing the last trace, he’d stopped crying and his hands had stopped shaking.

Stiles looked at himself in the rear view mirror and was surprised at how pale his skin looked. He noted that his skin felt softer and his eyes looked wider and brighter than before. His eyebrows were thinner and arched and his lips looked fuller. It was almost like he was looking at someone else. The thought chilled him and he sat back in his seat and stared out at the lake.

The surface smoothly reflected autumn sunshine and looked tranquil and placid. Staring at it helped him to calm down and collect his thoughts. Stiles still couldn’t believe Derek had hit him. That just wasn’t the man he knew and loved. Derek could get angry, jealous and possessive at times, but he had never gotten violent before. Stiles almost hadn’t recognized Derek in the moments after the blow. The older man’s hair seemed longer and wavy. His eyes looked dark brown and he seemed to have a thick beard. Stiles had a terrible feeling that something was deeply wrong. A name crossed his mind, Scott McCall, almost as if it had been whispered by a soft voice in his head. He remembered that the hardware store owner had asked him about hearing odd sounds in the house. Stiles started his jeep and headed towards town. Maybe the man knew something about the farm house that could help him somehow.

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Hobrosey @ SDCC 2014 (x)

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Colton Haynes talking about Arsenal’s outfit

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